Gamma Burst

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Gamma Burst was the title we gave to a group show that happened at the Fuller Galleries in December of 2016. In addition to myself, the crew consisted of Cameron Buckley, Mat Whiteley and Mark Sniadecki from the Digital Art department, Adam Prumm from Graphic Design, and Zach Mellman-Carsey, my fellow Metals artist. The show was a tremendous success. Hundreds of feet of silver mylar on the walls, custom games on multiple screens, animated projections, an imported Japanese pachinko machine, color-changing LED lights, sound collages playing from hidden speakers, and a warp core that was hooked up to a disco fog machine. My contribution consisted of an interactive virtual environment – Zen Space Station – displayed on a 70 inch monitor, as well as hanging nearly every piece of mylar over four days. The show overall was a deeply immersive experience and a total transformation of the space. Every member of the team worked super hard to pull this off, and I’m incredibly proud to have been so deeply involved in such a fun show.

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