2015 January

Reliquary for Dead Tech

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A reliquary for dead technology. Produced as part of my final project for the Body Adornment class in the folklore department. My research was based on christian relics from the earliest days of the church through their modern incarnations. This is a loose interpretation of one of the main styles, with a bit of a Byzantine edge. Nugold, copper, camera lens and a processor that I tore out of one of my old computers.


Time’s Arrow

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One of my last metals projects for the Fall semester of 2014.  Time’s Arrow. It’s a bangle bracelet, so it’s a slip-on with no catch. Fully hinged and articulated using a bike-chain style of linkage. Copper with brass hinge elements. Yes, those tips are sharp! I need to go back and buff the surface out a little more before I can consider it finished.


Some production

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As part of the metals club at IU, I produce some simple pieces for sale in order to fund club activities. This was a set of saucers I made last month. Acid-etched copper. Two are still available in the Friends of Art bookstore! Go get ’em!