2014 February

Intro Printmaking – Clockwork Man

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The overly-long art school title to this linocut is “Mechanical Man Contemplates His Existence In Space and Time”. Seriously! The imagery is a combination of two fascinating historical objects. The background is one of the faces of the Orloj in Prague, the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world. The figure  is one of the first known examples of a completely self-contained biological automaton. Built in 1650, it has been attributed to Juanelo Turriano, a brilliant Renaissance engineer who was known to have crafted mechanical wonders for Emperor Charles V. After Charles passed away, however, Turriano drew accusations of witchcraft and he narrowly escaped torture at the hands of the Inquisition.

Intro BW Photography – Group 1: Winter

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2014 was a brutal winter. Dat polar vortex, yo. Most snowfall on record in this part of Ohio. Multiple below-zero days. There were times when it literally hurt to do my photography homework. Miraculously I survived. And some of the shots actually came out pretty well.