2014 January 06

Oxidation of Utopia

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During the History of Modern Architecture, we were tasked with the creation of a manifesto. It was to be written as a reaction to the Toledo buildings that were part of a weekend tour. These included the Toledo Public Library, the professor’s own dwelling that she had designed herself, the Gehry addition to the TMA and the more recent Glass Pavilion across the street. Additionally, the manifesto was to be in the form of a poster and had to incorporate images of these same buildings. Of course, I went a little post-apocalyptic with it.

It’s not supposed to make a whole lot of sense. It’s a manifesto. It was more about the mood than the specifics. Closer to poetry than prose. I was pretty happy with it when I turned it in. Looking back now, though, I think I would change the order of the lines to this:

Modern cities stand
as narcissistic boneyards
for mid-century utopian fantasies

Filthy pre-fab headstones
mark a misguided experiment
in mechanical living.

Did we think our machines would grow to love us?

Where skin meets steel it is the body that yields.

In the quest to anthropomorphize our alloys
we have given birth to cyborgs.

Don’t believe
that your creations
will outlast you.