2014 January 01

Highland Park

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Katerina Ruedi Ray’s  History of Modern Architecture takes the prize as the most interesting class of Fall semester, 2013. The assignments were unlike any I had been asked to produce before. Although I initially reacted with distaste to the odd requirements, they usually proved to be as fun as a 1500 word essay can really be.

This assignment was supposed to be a scene or short story that takes place in a building that could be included in the modern style. I chose the highly influential Highland Park Ford assembly facility designed by Albert Kahn. The main characters are a WWI air force vet and a Mexican labor supporter. Many hijinks ensue.

Sadly, I didn’t get the “A” I wanted. The “B” was something I just had to accept. I believe it’s because I didn’t cite my sources. Though I put them in the bibliography, there isn’t a single inline citation. Oops. She was probably within her rights to fail me. Oh well. It’s a good story! Read it!

Download The Ballad of Jimmy and Hector as a PDF