Shawn M Lopez is a seasoned creative professional with depth of knowledge and a wide range of experience in a variety of media. His journey began in 1996 when he taught himself to use Photoshop and Illustrator, packed up his computer, and headed to California. A storied career in the creative industry was the result, highlighted by time as a screenprinter, a web master, a communications director, and a graphic designer. In 2009 he changed course. Returned to his hometown in Ohio in order to pursue a degree in fine art.
Between 2009-2017, he earned two degrees in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design: a BFA from Bowling Green State University under the tutelage of Tom Muir, and an MFA from Indiana University led by Randy Long and Nicole Jacquard. While building a solid foundation in traditional materials and methods, Shawn found ways to incorporate digital processes into almost every stage of the workflow, even expanding his use of the computer as a tool for art making through extended explorations into the field of 3D printing and game design.
Conceptually, Shawn works with ideas of identity performativity and the construction of self in a media saturated environment. He examines the cultural mythologies that shaped his perception of the world at a young age and allows their influence to freely and directly inform the objects he creates. An initial interest in the gothic and the medieval led to an early abundance of dark copper finishes and aggressive, weapon-like objects. Most recently, however, he has tapped into the spirit of the Space Age for inspiration, incorporating a great deal of color and embracing alternative materials such as plastic, resin and wood.
Shawn’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, and has been showcased in publications such as 1000 Steampunk Creations,  Metalsmith magazine and the recently released bookTo The Point, an illustrated examination of notable pinback mechanisms, edited and authored by Daniela Malev


Angle grinder photo by Francisco Cardenas


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